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Recently the famous golfer Tiger Woods had an accident in Rolling Hills Estates.  His car crossed the divider on Hawthorne Blvd near Blackhorse Dr. and fell into a side hill.  Tiger Wood suffered serious leg injuries and was rushed to Harbor-UCLA Medical Center nearby.  The operation seemed to be successful and Mr. Woods is now recovering.  Mr. Takata frequently travels the same street where the accident occurred.  The day after the accident Mr. Takata drove on the same street where the accident occurred at 6AM on the way to play golf at a nearby golf course.  Even the day after at 6AM, he noticed a dozen cars and a tv van parked near the scene.  The return drive going north is a steep downhill where it is easy to go too fast.  There is even an emergency truck escape lane on the right shoulder.  The speed limit is 45mph but it is easy to go faster.  Mr. Takata is always careful to watch his speed on this part of the street.  Mr. Takata has no idea why Mr. Woods crashed, but he may have been going too fast. Mr. Takata hopes that Mr Woods has a speedy recovery and can resume a normal life.