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One of the greatest sports legends passed recently.  Tommy Lasorda was the Los Angeles Dodgers manager from 1976 to 1996.  He won 2 world series and was named manager of the year twice.  Beyond that he was a great ambassador for the Dodgers after he retired.  Lasorda was known for his colorful personality.  He was friendly and generous to a fault and always had time to chat with his fans.  He supported many charities.  One of them was the LAPD Memorial Fund which supports the families of fallen LAPD police officers.  Mr. Takata met him there several times.  The last time was in November 2019.  He had a long friendly conversation with him reminiscing about old Dodgers such as Gil Hodges, Charlie Neal, John Roseboro, Sandy Koufax and others.  He will be missed.  Truly a great man.