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Mr. Takata attended the annual Go for Broke annual dinner this month. It was a gala event and about 800 people attended. The Go for Broke Educational Foundation promotes education and supports the Japanese American World War II veterans who fought in the US army in Europe. The Japanese American 442 unit was one of the most decorate units in the history of the US army. The keynote speaker was Norman Y. Mineta.  The event honored the late US senator Spark M. Matsunaga. Mr. Mineta gave a glowing tribute to Mr. Matsunaga.    It was a grand event and raised funds for a worthy cause.  For those interested in supporting this foundation go to  One of the highlights of the event was the introduction of the Japanese American WWII veterans on the stage and the beautiful songs sung by Lauren Hanako Kinkade.  Mr. Takata met Colonel Leroy Barker of the US Army who sat at Mr. Takata's table.