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Mr. Takata traveled to Japan in October. He participated in a charity golf tournament in Takizawa, Iwate, Japan. The charity tournament raised funds for the survivors of the devastating earthquake that hit Japan on March, 2011. It was held at the Kurikoma Golf Club in Iwate, Japan. Over 100 people participated in the golf tournament. Special guest Masahiro Kuramoto, well known Japan PGA pro golfer, participated in the event.

The next day, Mr. Takata and other guests from the USA were given a special tour of the earthquake damaged area which included a tour of the area called Rikuzentakata, Japan. This area was devastated by the tsunami that hit Japan in March, 2011. The photos below show some of the damage and clean up. A famous story about this area is told about a sole pine tree that still stood after the tsunami hit. Before there were hundreds of pine trees. After the tsunami, only one remained. It was a moving experience to view this area.

Currently the area in Rikuzentakata by the ocean has been cleaned and debris removed. However, there is limited rebuilding because the local government is prohibiting rebuilding until mounds over 30 feet high are made in the area. A huge sea wall is also under construction. A huge conveyer belt now carries dirt to the area to build the dirt mounds.