This guide will provide you with information concerning the various visas, both temporary and permanent, in which you may live and work in the United States. The guide will explain the various temporary visas such as the B, E, H, and L. It will also explain the main types of permanent residence visas (green cards) based upon business occupation. Other matters such as visa documentation required at American Embassies for various visas, Change of status(visa) after entry to the United States, and Employer Sanctions are also covered.

After the tragedy of September 11, 2001, the procedures for obtaining visas was changed. Many security procedures were expanded and new ones created. Many aliens of middle eastern descent have special registration procedures. The Immigration and Naturalization Service used to be under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Justice. After 9/11/01, the name was changed to Citizenship and Immigration Services and is now under the jurisdiction of the newly created Department of Homeland Security. The Department of Justice now has expanded powers to investigate and incarcerate aliens suspected of terrorism.

This guide is not intended to provide legal advise for a specific case. If you have a specific case, it is recommended that you contact an attorney for advice.

I hope that this guide will be of use to you in providing basic information about immigration.

Timothy D. Takata
Attorney at Law